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Careers in Cyber Security

Want to be part of the next generation of cybersecurity specialists? 

GCHQ is the UK’s world-leading intelligence and cyber security agency with a mission to help keep the UK safe. CyberFirst was set up by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), part of GCHQ (with one goal in mind: to open up the world of cyber security. Cyberfirst want to find diverse young minds from up and down the UK – not just coders but entrepreneurs, public speakers, analysts and more – who want to become the next generation of cyber security specialists.

Queen's Park High School has a link with a local provider of cybersecurity and coding skills-building in the form of Codenation (Chester).

Students that are interested in finding out more about potential opportunities should contact Mrs Watts at school or by email and she will put you in touch with her contact via the Pledge Partnership.

Please open the attachments below for further information relating to careers in cybersecurity and GCHQ.