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100 mile Rowathon - a whole club fundraising event to see how many miles our crews can row on the River Dee.

Can you help our QPHS Rowing Club reach their target?
Please support our admirable rowing crews who have set themselves a mammoth challenge to complete a 100 mile Rowathon this Saturday on the River Dee hoping to raise a whopping £6000 to buy a new coxed quad for the club as the number of students rowing continues to grow.
Rowing will start at 6.00am and finish at 8.00pm which means their aiming to row 100 miles in 14 hours - no mean feat!
Crews of 8 will row up to Eccleston and back and then changeover.
There will be a BBQ & catering throughout the day so please come along & cheer the crews on back at base (QPHS Boathouse).
You can also stay updated with the event on the river with live feed from the crews rowing up the river!!

Come along and see how many miles they can row!
Sponsor every mile rowed by the team or give as big or as little as you can manage to their money giving page. All donations gratefully received.

To find out more about QPHS Rowing Club please click on the link or follow them on facebook & Twitter.