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Raising spirits in lockdown

Covid-19 has dramatically changed our way of life for the time being and the majority of us are desperately missing our work colleagues and the students we are used to seeing on a daily basis.  Queen's Park High School staff thought they would try to lift the spirits of students and their families whilst also raising awareness of the importance of staying safe and staying at home.

Mr Taylor has produced two compilation 'feel good' videos. A collection of clips from both teachers, support staff and some students as they filmed themselves during lockdown in their own homes taking part in two challenges. The first was the 'keepie uppie' toilet roll challenge and the second is a staff compilation of 'Walking on Sunshine, their contribution and audition for the school's annual singing talent competition, the 'V Factor' now named 'The Virtual Factor' as the show was unable to go ahead this year due to the pandemic.

Both videos reflect the strong and supportive community spirit intrinsic in Queen's Park High School and sense of fun within the staff.

We hope you enjoy watching the team's collective effort and it puts a smile on your face and a suppressed giggle in your belly. We look forward to seeing you all in person again as soon as it is safe to do so.

Plus as an extra bonus please listen to Mr Taylor's interview with DJ Ben Sheppard on Capital FM about the stay at Home toilet roll 'Keepie Uppie' Challenge (audio file below).