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British Science Week 2021

British Science Week starts early at Queen's Park High School

Innovating for the Future

It is our Science Team's favourite time of the year and although nationally British Science Week doesn't start until Friday 5th March, we have decided to start celebrating it early at Queen's Park High School!

This year's theme is all about 'innovating for the future'  and our team have been super busy preparing a range of exciting tasks for our Key Stage 3 students to complete.

Over the next two weeks from Monday 1st - Friday 12th March,  students will be engaging in a range of activities and projects based on this theme, with some of these exciting challenges including designing a flood-proof house to reduce the effects of flooding and climate change, discussing ways to improve biodiversity in the future and researching important innovations in science.

Poster Competition

Students will also be participating in the British Science Week poster competition - to design a poster on the theme of innovations and have the chance to win some amazing prices.