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Aspiring Authors published again!

There’s no writers block for Year 7 students at Queen’s Park High School! Earlier this term, 12 students from Mrs Ikpeh’s Year 7 tutor group were celebrating having had their poems selected for publication by Young Writers’ for the Empowered Poetry Competition. We are thrilled to announce that our creative writers have done it again! This time, their short stories have been selected for publication!

During last term, a group of Year 7 students seized the opportunity to write their own original short stories for Young Writers brand-new mini saga writing competition called ‘Twisted Tales’. This national competition, open to children across the UK aged 11-18 years, is a fantastic way for students to explore character perspectives and empathy through creative writing. The premise of 'Twisted Tales' is to put a twist in the classic narrative of good vs evil, giving students the opportunity to flip the script and explore another side of the story.

Students were challenged to think about: how much a story changes if we change the point of view? What would the villain say if they could share their story? Are the bad guys evil? Misguided? Misunderstood?

Having submitted their original pieces to the Twisted Tales competition, we were delighted to hear that all our students’ stories have been selected for publication by the Young Writers Company; an organisation that aims to encourage young people to engage in creative writing and poetry.

While Year 7 have experienced some difficult months, navigating secondary education amid a pandemic, Queen's Park students have demonstrated great resilience and strength taking up the challenge to refine their creative writing skills beyond the classroom, while competing against other students across the UK.

"My superstar students have done it again! It's so exciting to see the energy and enthusiasm by which they choose to challenge themselves and seek opportunities to grow and evolve as writers. I am so proud of them and wish them every success as they diligently commit to developing and exercising their writing skills beyond the classroom!"

Mrs Ikpeh, Teacher of English

Congratulations to Alvaro, Maheen, Emily, Erin, Hannah, Lotte and Evie!

To celebrate their creative talents, our aspiring authors will have their work featured in an anthology due to be published by Young Writers next month.