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Return to Head racing with Chester Long Distance Sculls

The brutal reality of Head racing returned with the first event of the season, racing 5km from Eccleston to Chester for the Chester Long Distance Sculls.

Traditionally a race for single sculls, it now accommodates many types of boats, and we spread our entries across all categories, having singles, doubles, and quads represented. 

Luckily, we had the weather on our side, so we were not freezing cold like other head events that take place over winter, but 5km is a hard race coming out of short regatta pieces that are usually sprinted. 

All our rowers did incredibly well, rowing to either beat a set time, set a personal best or work on their long-distance racing. 

A special touch to the event, was that medals were presented by Olympic silver medallist Vicky Thornley. 

Morning division:

  • Matt and Dan in singles; J16 1x 
  • Nathan and James in singles; J17 1x 
  • Isobelle, Phoebe, Eden, Alice with cox Siyana rowing up a year level in a coxed quad; WJ15 4x+ 
  • Macy, Macey, Freya, Amy J with cox Evie in a coxed quad; WJ15 4x+ 
  • Daisy and Elen; WJ15 2x 
  • *Florence and Alice; WJ15 2x 

Afternoon division:

  • Lucy, Maisie, Amelie, and Lily competed in singles; WJ16 1x 
  • Freya, Sienna and *Grace competed in singles; WJ17 1x 
  • Joseph, Carlos, Achilles, Toby with cox Amy; J14 4x+ 
  • *Healy, Jack, Henry, Louis with cox Evie; J14 4x+  
  • Rhys, Apollo, Fred, Sam with cox Will; J15 4x+ 
  • Harvey, Fletcher, Finn, Keir; J16 4x- 
  • Matt, Dan, Murphy, Ned; J16 4x- 

 *Winners of their event 

Well done to all of our competing crews, and congratulations to everyone that won a medal!

Florence and Alice; WJ15 2x 

Healy, Jack, Henry, Louis with cox Evie; J14 4x+