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Agecroft Head

Queen’s Park High School Rowing Club returned on Saturday 15th October to race at Agecroft Head, which is a 3.2 km course that runs through Salford and Manchester, finishing at Salford Quays.

We had a busy, fully packed day with 16 boats racing throughout the four divisions, all either J14 or J15. This event’s distance, although shorter than some head races, requires consistency, power and stamina.

Unlike our last head race on the River Dee, the weather was challenging and really tested our rowers’ drive and determination, with winds reaching a point that made a trial out of simply carrying blades. However, all rowers performed exceptionally and kept positive mindsets, despite the wet and windy conditions.

At this event, our rowers really embodied the club’s team spirit by helping with each other’s boats, equipment and motivationally supporting one another. This was a perfect demonstration of how this sport can bring people together while pushing yourself outside your comfort zone.


Division One

  • *Henry and Jack; J14 1x
  • Florence and Alice; WJ15 2x
  • Freya and Macy; WJ15 2x
  • Daisy and Elen; WJ15 2x
  • Amy and Alice; WJ14 2x

Division Three

  • Will, Rhys, Freddie, Sam with cox Carlos; J15 4x+
  • Henry, Toby, Louis, Jack with cox Evie; J14 4x+

Division Two

  • Sam and Freddie; J15 2x
  • Will and Rhys; J15 2x
  • Toby and Louis; J14 2x
  • Jacob and Seth; J14 2x
  • Joseph and Lucas; J14 2x

Division Four

  • Alice, Florence, Daisy, Elen with cox Freddie; WJ15 4x+
  • Amy, Macy, Macey, Freya with cox Will; WJ15 4x+
  • *Alice, Phoebe, Siyana, Eden with cox Louis; WJ14 4x+

*Winners of their event


Well done to all of our competing crews, and congratulations to everyone that won a medal, including: Henry; J14 1x; Alice, Phoebe, Siyana, Eden with cox Louis; WJ14 4x+

Article written by Sienna T and published by Callum L, Year 12 students & members of QPHSRC