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Murder Mystery Night

How are your detective skills? Here's an opportunity to dig out those magnifying glasses and dust off those deer-stalkers, for our Murder Mystery Night - 'Who Killed the Director'!

It’s curtain up but lights out in this (amateur) dramatic murder mystery performed by Queen's Park High School staff in the school's main hall on Friday 18th October at 7pm. 
When Ralph Valentine, Director of 'the Powder Keg Players', is stabbed onstage during a rehearsal, it’s the society’s cast and crew who find themselves in the spotlight for murder!
Join us for an evening of entertainment as our talented amateur extras act out this popular murderplay.

The play is set in the present at the fictional Footlight’s Theatre, in the quiet village of Finkleton Fold. ‘The Powder Keg Players’, led by the dynamic Ralph Valentine, are rehearsing a murder play of their own called ‘A Stab in the Dark’. Rehearsals are not going well, however, and with opening night approaching petty jealousies and rivalries have started to surface. Yet the show’s abruptly shut down altogether when Ralph’s stabbed for real. Back-stabbing is common in all drama groups, but who’s taken that expression far, far too literally?
Could it be…
Prudence Du Maurier, the society’s overly-dramatic leading lady?
Russell DuMaurier, Prudence’s son, the moody, uncooperative leading man?
Gloria Sunshine, the deluded newcomer?
Ronald Gibbs, the dim-witted stage manager?
Or…Marge Tubbs an unscrupulous property dealer?

Detective Angood takes centrestage as he attempts to unravel a particularly Machiavellian murder case!

Will you (and your team) be able to uncover 'who dunnit'? 

Doors open at 6.30pm for a 7pm start and there will be a licensed bar too, so it's adults only!

Raising money for the school's PTA to support our huge range of extra-curricular and enrichment equipment and activities. 

To buy your tickets, please click on the link below:

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We hope you can join us for what promises to be a gripping and very entertaining evening!