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Pastoral Support

Pastoral Support and Care

Good pastoral care is important to developing students who demonstrate initiative and leadership, who are able to make good decisions and take responsibility for their choices and actions. The pastoral team provides day to day and longer term support for any student who is experiencing any kind of difficulty in and beyond school, and can access additional support and help from other services. Our pastoral support system is designed to ensure that all barriers to a student’s continued well-being and progress are removed.  We have three basic principles on which we build our expectations and the pastoral team work alongside curriculum staff to ensure that all students focus on these principles which are to be:

‘Prepared  •  Engaged •  Respectful’

The House System

Queen's Park High School is committed to ensuring that every student matters and that every student is safe, happy and is making progress. A sense of belonging, identity and pride is key to this and at Queen's Park High School this is developed and supported by our House System. From Year 7 to 13, the school is split into 3 Houses, Westminster, Grosvenor and Eaton.

“The House system is about unlocking student potential. We will achieve this by working together to support students and help remove barriers to learning, thus creating a sense of belonging, identity and pride.”

Group Tutors

Our pastoral support system begins with the Group Tutor, who is a student’s and parents’ first point of contact and support in school. Group tutors see the students in their care every day, stay with their group throughout years 7 to 11, and develop a strong and supportive relationship with them.

Heads of  Year

Tutors are led by Heads of Year, who are responsible for overseeing the well-being and support of their students as they move through the year group, getting to know the students well and building good relationships with families. Mrs J Cutler is Assistant Headteacher and Behaviour & Attendance Lead, who oversees all Pastoral Support.

  • Transition Lead - Mrs Bearcroft (supports children as they move from primary to secondary school) 
  • Head of Year 7 - Mr W Girow 
  • Head of Year 8 - Mr A Pandya
  • Head of Year 9 - Mrs D Domelow
  • Head of Year 10 - Mr O Emptage
  • Head of Year 11 - Miss C Davies
  • Head of Year 12 & 13 - Mrs V Prydden
  • Assistant Headteacher i/c Pastoral Support - Mrs J Cutler
Mrs Bearcroft
​​​​Transition Lead
Mr Girow
Jead of Year 7
Mr Pandya
Head of Year 8
Mrs Domelow
Head of Year 9
Mr Emptage
Head of Year 10
Miss Davies
 Head of Year 11

Mrs Prydden
Head of Year 12

Mrs Cutler
Attendance & Behaviour Lead 

All Heads of Year are supported by non-teaching Pastoral Support Managers who are invaluable in providing additional intervention and support throughout the day. Our Pastoral Support Managers are:

  • Mrs H Catton (Year 7)
  • Miss S Roberts (Year 8)
  • Mrs T McKay (Year 9)
  • Miss R Rigby (Year 10)
  • Mr D Ratcliffe (Year 11)
  • Mrs G Tunnicliffe (Sixth Form)

Mrs Catton

Miss Roberts

Mrs McKay

Miss Rigby

Mr Ratcliffe

Mrs Tunnicliffe

We also have two attendance officers; Mrs Ramkelawan and Mrs Parsonage who can offer support for any attendance issues and queries.

Other Pastoral Support

At Queen’s Park High we are very fortunate to have an amazing pastoral team that are non-teaching members of staff who may work with students who need additional support. We also have 12 committed and dedicated Teaching Assistants, which means that there is a comprehensive team on hand to welcome, support and monitor students.

  • Mr M Howens - SENCO Visit: SEND 
  • Mrs Z Williams - Safeguarding Lead Email:
  • Miss R Brandreth - SEND Manager
  • Mrs L Staden - SEND Manager
​​​​Mr M Howens 
Mrs Z Williams
Safeguarding Lead
Miss Brandreth
SEND Manager
Lucie Staden
SEND Manager


If you have any pastoral concerns regarding your child, please contact your child's Group Tutor in the first instance. Member(s) of the pastoral team can be contacted directly via School Synergy.