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Religious Education

Subject: Religious Education
Contact: Mrs E. Merryweather


At Key Stage 5, we currently follow the Eduqas Religious Studies syllabus. The course gives students an introduction to ethical, philosophical and theological topics and applies them to contemporary situations. Students have nine lessons a fortnight and are co-taught by two teachers who share responsibility preparing students for their examinations over the two year course.

Exam board and course

Eduqas  - A-level Religious Studies

Curriculum Content


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term


Philosophy Theme 1 : Arguments for the Existence of God.

Ethics Theme 3: Teleological Ethics - Utilitarianism and Situation Ethics

Christianity Theme 2: Religious Concepts and Religious Life

Ethics Theme 2: Deontological Ethics-  Natural Law

Philosophy Theme 3: Religious Experience.

Christianity Theme 1: Religious figures and sacred texts.


Philosophy Theme 2:  Challenges to Religious Belief

The Problem of Evil and Suffering and Religious Belief as a product of the human mind

Ethics Theme 1: Ethical Thought – Virtue Ethics, Egoism, Divine Command theory. Meta Ethics

Christianity Theme 4: Religious Practices that shape Religious identity.

Philosophy Theme 4: Religious Language

Ethics Theme 4: Free Will and Determinism

Christianity Theme 3: Significant Social and Historical Developments in Religious thought

Christianity Theme 4: Religious Practices that shape Religious identity

Philosophy Theme 4: Religious Language.

Ethics Theme 4: Free Will and Determinism.

Christianity Theme 3: Significant Social and Historical Developments in Religious thought.


Enrichment opportunities:

  • Vardy Ethics and Philosophy Conference Manchester for A-Level Students
  • Religious studies revision workshops Chester University Theology and Religious studies dept.

Useful websites to support learning:

Excellent set of podcasts on Ethics courtesy of the University of Oxford. website
YouTube channel with ethics resources. website
Good overview of ethics – in charts. website
A link to the news stories in the Guardian that have an ethical theme. website
Provides basic philosophical information. website
The Philosophers' Magazine. website
Dialogue: a journal of religion and philosophy. website
A-level Journal: Challenging Religious Issues website
Society of Biblical Literature website
BBC Bitesize website
Eduqas A-Level specification website