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Sixth Form Contract 

Enrolment into Queen’s Park High School Sixth Form 

Congratulations on your enrolment into Year 12/13 in the Sixth Form at Queen’s Park High School. This is an exciting time on our journey as a Sixth Form team, and you will be able to enjoy the newly refurbished Sixth Form study and common room areas as well as a bespoke on site café specifically for our Sixth Form students.

As a school we will commit to providing the best possible experiences both in and outside of the classroom as we work together to support you to take these next important steps in your educational journey. We want to provide you with a wide range of opportunities to develop both as a learner and as an individual so that you are fully prepared for whatever choices you make next.

It is important that you fully understand what you are signing up for and the commitment that you are making to developing yourself and achieving the best possible outcomes at the end of your time as part of our Sixth Form. The full details around expectations of you as a member of the Queen’s Park High School Sixth Form are outlined in the Sixth Form Handbook. Please draw your attention to the information outlined below. Acceptance of a place must be based on an agreement to comply with the expectations below as well as the guidance given within the handbook. By signing the agreement, you are agreeing to a school and learner contract that is designed to ensure that you can be best placed to achieve the success that you are capable of.

The key non-negotiables are outlined below:

Attendance and Punctuality 

  • Students must attend school every day and all students are expected to attend the registration period punctually every morning regardless of whether they are timetabled for a taught lesson period 1
  • School will follow up any non-attendance at registration with contact home by our Pastoral Manager and/or a member of the school’s admin team
  • Students whose attendance does not meet the expectations outlined above will be subject to the disciplinary procedures outlined in the Sixth Form handbook
  • The minimum expectation is 95% attendance
  • Any student whose attendance falls below 90% (the equivalent of 1 day off per fortnight) will be required to pay for their own examination entries (unless there are exceptional circumstances surrounding this)

Please note that with the legal participation age for students to be engaged in education, employment or training has now risen to 18, parents/carer are still liable and responsible for ensuring that students attend and failure to do so will be followed up.

Engagement In Lessons 

  • All students are expected to attend all timetabled lessons
  • Students should keep files of notes up to date and hand them in for checking when required to do so by teachers (this will be at least once per half term)
  • Student work in books should be of the highest standard and presentation of work should follow school procedures as outlined by teachers
  • Students should expect to be set work to be completed independently outside of lessons and the completion of this is mandatory
  • Students who do not keep notes and assessed work up to date will be subject to disciplinary procedures as set in negotiation between the Sixth Form team and subject teachers/Curriculum Team Leaders
  • Students who consistently fail to meet deadlines and keep up to date with work could be required to pay for their own examination entries (should the school allow that student to continue with courses)

Attainment and Progress 

  • Student data based on progress and attainment will be checked at least once per half term by the Sixth Form team
  • Students who are working below target will be subject to support and improvement plans which will be implemented and monitored by the Sixth Form Team
  • The Director of Sixth Form will also meet with Curriculum Team Leaders to challenge any apparent underperformance and seek their support in ensuring students are supported and held to account in order to ensure progress is in line with expectations
  • Students who do not engage with support plans and make improvements will be subject to formal disciplinary procedures

Use of Facilities 

  • Students are responsible for ensuring that their study and leisure spaces are well looked after and kept clean and tidy
  • Food should only be consumed in the common room and Sixth Form Café
  • Students should not allow any person who is not a member of the Queen’s Park High School Sixth Form into any of the dedicated spaces

Appearance and Leadership 

  • There is a very clear dress code for Sixth Form students. This must be adhered to or students will be sent home to change. Please note that caps/hats, ripped clothing and bare midriffs are not permitted (despite current fashion trends) and students who are wearing cropped tops, ripped jeans or similar will be sent home to change
  • As role models, we expect students to comply with school rules when moving between lessons. This means no phones, food or drinks on corridors or in classrooms, and ensuring that all students use appropriate language

Further information on all of the above can be found in the Sixth Form Handbook.