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  • Inspiring Individuals
  • Empowering Minds
  • Defining Futures

Values & Ethos

Queen’s Park High School is an ambitious, forward thinking school, aiming to provide the very best learning and personal development opportunities for every young person that we serve.

We have committed, hard-working and enthusiastic staff, who regularly go above and beyond to ensure that all our students are known as individuals, are given opportunities to thrive both within and beyond the classroom and achieve success beyond their expectations. Our school is an academy within The Learning Trust, a multi-academy trust aiming ‘to serve young people, to educate, enlighten and give them the expertise and confidence to succeed’.

As a school, Queen’s Park High School has ambitious outcomes for all its students.
Our vision is founded upon the following principles:

•  Inspiring Individuals

•  Empowering Minds

•  Defining Futures

Inspiring Individuals

We value the uniqueness of everyone in our school, and we have committed to make excellence in teaching the core value of our school, so that all members of our community are inspired to learn and achieve. 

Empowering Minds

We believe that everyone has ideas to share, aspirations to realise, and  opinions that matter.  It is our mission to liberate young people to think freely, without constraint and beyond limits.

Defining Futures

In all that we do, we are guided by the knowledge that the foundations of every young person's tomorrow are laid today.  By achieving excellence in all that we do, we aim to make today's young people tomorrow's era defining leaders, thinkers and pioneers.

Our School Development Priorities underpin our school vision and are outlined below: 

Priority Vision
Improving Teaching & Learning At QPHS, learning will engage and empower all students to develop their academic potential, personal interests and aspirations. The quality of teaching in all key stages and most subjects will increasingly be ‘outstanding’ and never less than ‘consistently good’.
Raising Achievement for All QPHS will provide outstanding learning opportunities for all, ensuring students reach or exceed their potential academic outcomes.
Unlocking Student Potential Students are the core of everything: their outstanding achievement and success is driven by a total and shared belief in their potential, their capacity as leaders in the school and that all barriers can be overcome. Students actively engage in all aspects of school and take pride in doing so.
Unlocking Staff Potential QPHS is a place where all staff take ownership of their own development needs and are engaged in lifelong learning opportunities. Individual skills and talents are nurtured so that staff are able to develop their own leadership skills within and beyond the classroom so that everyone makes a valid contribution to the school.
The Sixth Form QPHS runs a popular and vibrant Sixth Form which attracts a diverse range of students, where teaching and learning is of the highest quality and aspirational students leave ready to successfully take the next steps in their adult lives.
Growing the School QPHS is the school of choice locally, providing an excellent education for all. We utilise our facilities to the maximum.